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ldns_rdf* ldns_rr_rdf ( const ldns_rr rr,
size_t  nr 

returns the rdata field member counter.

[in] *rr rr to operate on
[in] nr the number of the rdf to return
ldns_rdf *

Definition at line 647 of file rr.c.

References ldns_struct_rr::_rdata_fields, ldns_rr_rd_count(), and ldns_rr_rdf().

Referenced by get_serial(), ldns_nsec_type_check(), ldns_print_rr_rdf(), ldns_resolver_push_nameserver_rr(), ldns_rr2buffer_str(), ldns_rr2buffer_wire(), ldns_rr2canonical(), ldns_rr_a_address(), ldns_rr_clone(), ldns_rr_free(), ldns_rr_list_subtype_by_rdf(), ldns_rr_rdata2buffer_wire(), ldns_rr_rdf(), ldns_rr_uncompressed_size(), ldns_rrsig2buffer_wire(), ldns_send(), and ldns_wire2pkt().

      if (nr < ldns_rr_rd_count(rr)) {
            return rr->_rdata_fields[nr];
      } else {
            return NULL;

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